7 Mar

WE UNDERSTAND!! As youth and young adults, we just want to be NORMAL!! We dont ever want to seem like an outcast, strange or weird. It is embedded into our nature to search for acceptance and validity. WE GET IT! Especially when we are around our peers , we want to prove to them that we can be just as cool as they are. Some of us even compromise or have compromised our values in order to “fit-in.”  This is especially true, when it comes to being young and SINGLE!! It is almost like an oxymoron to others when you’re young without a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, etc.  As a result of this awkwardness we feel, we tend to compromise and find ourselves in relationships just to keep the light from shining on us so hard.

Speaking of COMPROMISE, this is EXACTLY what the people of Israel did when they decided they no longer wanted God to be their King, but wanted a human king to  rule over them “…like all the nations.” ( 1 Samuel 8:5). They wanted to be  LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!!  So they went to the prophet Samuel and demanded that he anoint a king to rule over them. God then directed  Samuel to give the people EXACTLY what they asked for, but made it clear that the people of Israel were rejecting God and not Samuel. WHOA! Can you imagine if God gave us exactly what we asked for because we were just so rebellious and adament about what we wanted and not what He desired for our lives?? SCAREY!

This request from Israel did not come without warning. If you read the 8th chapter of the book of 1 Samuel, you will see that the prophet Samuel warned them about the king that would rule over them. He basically told them that their king would use them and their possessions for his cruel and selfish purposes. “And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.” (1 Samuel 8:14).  In saying this, when we decide to compromise and not wait for God’s direction, just like the people of Israel, we end up thwarting God’s purpose for our lives. We become in danger of not fulfilling God’s desire for us and embracing something we were not destined to be. This is why it is so important of us to seek God when it comes to our singleness and who we will potentially open up our hearts to, in a relationship because it will determine whether we are propelled towards God’s purpose or to the purpose of the enemy.

Psalm 106:13-15 says, “They soon forgot His works, they waited not for His counsel: but lusted exceedingly in the wilderness…. And He gave them their request, but sent leannes into their soul.” This was when the people of Israel were murmuring against Moses and was again given what they asked for, but did not wait for the counsel of God or His direction. The end result was LEANNESS!! (Leanness: short, scrimped, scant) Some synonyms for leanness are sparse, barren, UNFRUITFUL!!  Our purpose of being here IS to bear fruit for the GLORY of God! (John 15) So it is important that we seek God’s direction in everything that we do, so we can be FRUITFUL!

So as Christians, can we be “normal”?? Can we be like everybody else(the world)?? Absolutely NOT!  WHY? Because your life and the purpose for which God created you, depends on you being “abnormal.” ; )  1Peter 2:9 says, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a PECULIAR people; that ye should show forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.”

God Bless!! Pray you are blessed by this!

Co-Founder, Danyeil


Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales

3 Feb



Marriage today is struggling. Divorces, adultery, misconceptions, etc are plaguing not only the marriage itself but products of those marriages (my generation and the next). My hope in this poem is to highlight the most frequent and problematic issues marriages face today while also pointing to Jesus as the ultimate healer, redeemer, and restorer of every marriage. Whether single or married, my intention would be that this poem would allow you to look more deeply to Jesus to either better your current marriage, or prepare for your future marriage. – Jeff Bethke

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Becoming a Man or Woman After God’s Heart

26 Jan

When we think of being single, we can find a million and one resolves on the subject that we can save for another blog. When God, however, thinks of  singleness (see 1 Corinthians 7), he thinks of where you are in your heart. This is why he asks us to guard our hearts, consider the lifestyle of a single person and to trust His word. A heart left unattended will find itself in much turmoil and hurt. The worst thing you could do is offer someone a damaged heart. How then can we prepare ourselves for a life that is pleasing to God? By managing our intentions, our desires and our hearts. We do this by becoming men and women after God’s own heart. Those are the best leaders. There is an article we came across written by Charles R. Swindoll, “Becoming a Man or a Woman after God’s Own Heart,” it had some very meaningful points we thought to share.

When God scans the earth for potential leaders, He is not on a search for angels in the flesh. He is certainly not looking for perfect people, since there are none. He is searching for men and women like you and me, mere people made up of flesh. But He is also looking for people who share the same qualities He found in David. God is looking for men and women “after His own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14).

What does it mean to be a person after God’s own heart? It means your life is in harmony with the Lord. What is important to Him is important to you. What burdens Him burdens you. When He says, “Go to the right,” you go to the right. When He says, “Stop that in your life,” you stop it. When He says, “This is wrong and I want you to change,” you come to terms with it because you have a heart for God. That’s bottom-line, biblical Christianity.

When you are a man or woman after God’s heart, you are deeply sensitive to spiritual things. Second Chronicles 16:9 explains it this way: “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His” (emphasis added).

What is God looking for? He is looking for men and women whose hearts are His—completely. That means there are no locked closets. Nothing’s been swept under the rugs. That means that when you do wrong, you admit it and come to terms with it. You long to please Him in your actions. You care deeply about the motivations behind your actions. God is not looking for magnificent specimens of humanity. He’s looking for deeply spiritual, genuinely humble, honest-to-the-core servants who have integrity.

Listen to some of the synonyms for this Hebrew word thamam, translated “integrity”: “complete, whole, innocent, having the simplicity of life, wholesome, sound, unimpaired.” It’s what you are when nobody’s looking. We live in a world that says, in many ways, “If you just make a good impression, that’s all that matters.” But you will never be a man or woman of God if that’s your philosophy. Never. You can’t fake it with the Almighty. He is not impressed with externals. He always focuses on the inward qualities, like the character of the heart . . . those things that take time and discipline to cultivate.

The time you spend being single should be spent becoming the man or woman after God’s own heart. Does it stop when you are no longer singe? No! Absolutely not! But we thought the time of singleness should be full of purpose and very intentional. Just like we intentionally plan a trip somewhere we make sure every detail is in place. We should do the same with the journey of singleness (sounds like another blog post waiting to happen). When Paul touched the single person as being able to be “…wholly separated and set apart in body and spirit” 1 Corinthians 7:34 we believe that speaks to the purpose in singleness.

For some people singleness will not last forever, and therefore the time set a part for singleness requires immediate attention. Placing aside the anxiety of being with another person and committing fully to being in harmony with God. For others, singleness very well may be your calling and there should not be anything wrong with that. When you get to a place where you can HONESTLY say “God, if I never marry…it is OK as long as I have you.” you will truly release yourself to  a life of endless possibilities. Some may think this perspective is insane, and that’s okay too. But, our response is when are we going to have the relentless, unchanging, mountain-moving FAITH in the GOD we say we love like Noah, Ruth, David, Daniel and even Jesus as he died on the cross? They trusted God in a way that required them to go against the societal norm. Their results were nothing short of miraculous. God wants to release miracles to us in the same way, but he kinda needs us to trust Him to do that… 🙂

Will you trust Him?



Excerpts highlighted were taken from Charles R. Swindoll, “Becoming a Man or a Woman after God’s Own Heart,” Insights (April 1997): 2. Copyright © 1997 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Matters of The Heart

22 Jan

Proverbs 4:23

Amplified Bible (AMP)

23Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.


My Heart

My heart is the covenant of my truth
It is my esscence of being,
My Light.

My heart is the keeper of my faith
It is my connection to God,
My Worship.

My heart is the protector of my body
It is my strength against darkness,
My Life.

My heart is the orator of my love
It is my guilt of Good,
My Word.


Written By: Issa Champion Legall


21 Jan

Worth The Wait


Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10

By grace I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of fifteen. It was the start of me being the only one in a household of 6 to live for God in Christ. Entering into my first season confessing Jesus as savior, I was fully convinced that whatever it took (so I thought at that time) I was going to keep my passion for Christ flowing. During that season I received a new set of values on the whole “boyfriend and girlfriend” thing, which for me was very mind blowing at the time. After being raised in an environment who believes that once you approach the age of eighteen it is ok to be fully committed to the opposite sex without being married, I received a new insight that your husband is hand chosen by God just for you, which means that no other companionship under the sun would truly be successful outside of that chosen person. I’m sure you can now see how this new light was very “Mind blowing”.

Out of my determination to keep the passion flowing for Christ I became an active member in my church, with youth bible study being the highlight of my participation. It was in that small group setting of young people, with a very down to earth bible study teacher, that God pushed the idea of my hand picked husband finding me as opposed to being in a fully committed relationship a MUST. He did this in order to keep my passion flowing for him. I learned that being single until marriage is a good thing.  It is a time in life that should be used to get to know yourself as well as build your relationship with Christ. Being fully committed in a relationship outside of marriage can be a huge distraction, because once you involve yourself it is only going to grow like bad weeds in a garden. Just like flowers grow when planted right, weeds grow when the foundation is not right. Relationships not ordained by God will grow damaging your emotions and in your time, which is very dangerous.  Eventually you will end up placing more value on the companionship than on your relationship with Christ. Why risk Christ your relationship with Christ by doing things that you are worth waiting for?

A few “weeds” I learned that needed to be plucked to keep focused:

1) Talking on the phone all night/ texting all day

2) Thinking about the relationship so much that I didn’t think of God

3) Spending a lot of time hanging (which leads to other things)

4) Kissing/rubbing

5) Sexual intercourse being the most extreme

While she explained how God created committed companionships for marriage, she elaborated on the fact that relationships are meant to grow, and then posed a personal question, which required a silent answer to yourself “What will you do with all of those emotions while trying to please God?”

However, after knowing the truth (which many people today do) a few years later I enter into a relationship. I found out that it is morally impossible to please God in a relationship that is not ordained towards marriage by God. I found myself in a place of bondage while God felt so distant. I had lost all of my passion for God because I gave into the LIE that society wants people to believe. The lie that says, “It is ok to be in a committed relationship that is not ordained by God for marriage”. I wanted nothing more than to have my passion back. After two years I made a vow to God that if he helped me to get out of the relationship and restore my passion, I would do his will and treasure my self worth. It was in that moment that God smacked me into an awesome season in life, “singleness “.

I am now ecstatic to say that God has given me a double portion of that passion back. I am determined to take the route that God requires his children to take (waiting for Marriage). I am now constantly building my relationship with Christ, getting to know myself, and pursuing purpose. I totally trust that God will bring my husband to me in the season that he feels I am ready.

I Am Worth The Wait,


How To Make The Absolute Best of Being Single By: Angela Simmons

20 Jan

Daughter of Rev Run

Ladies, I have great news for you. Being single doesn’t mean being alone. It means living and learning your likes and dislikes.

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. You really get to know yourself as a person. We as women need to learn to love ourselves. Before you meet your Soulmate you must fully love yourself. Because how could you love another person if you don’t love yourself? While being single, enjoy the freedom to really get to know the woman that you look at in the mirror every day.

Times may seem lonely but just know that it won’t last forever. You must allow yourself time to yourself, but also allow yourself to talk to others. Being bitter won’t do the trick. And blaming every man for the last man’s mistake isn’t fair. So you must learn to forgive in your heart. You don’t have to forget, but do forgive. It’s all about the experiences you’ll have along the way and the people that you’ll meet. I am a single woman and it has been quite a journey and I’m still learning. Every day I learn something new about myself.

This has been the longest I have been with just me. But you know what? I’m loving every moment. Make sure that you give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re not perfect; nobody is. If you can’t find your mate just yet don’t get discouraged, just know it’s not the time. Instead focus in on what truly makes you happy. Take the time to doll yourself up. Work out and do activities that will help free your mind. The man who’s supposed to be with you will find you and will treat you as the queen you should be. So don’t let time pass you by. Live for the moments of now and love yourself now. Don’t wait a second more. Embrace being single. Live, laugh, and love. Those are the 3 L words I live by. Being single is not so bad.


Angela Simmons




Note: Special thanks to Mastin Kipp of thedailylove.com for providing us with this post!

“Inspiration” …A Poem By: Victor Arumemi

19 Jan



By vENv

I feel I have too much to say, like cocky boxers; heavy weights on my chest /

The struggles which I inflict on myself, been robbin’ my conscience of rest /

And now I dissect, the validity of all these relations,

like amphibian surgeon is my lowly occupation /

Do I cohabitate wit’ ladies in waitin’ or continue to ponder

and partner wit’ solemn solitude and patience?

That is the persistent mystery that never misses me /

Intimacy has become my archenemy,

and I don’t have any concrete explanations

(and) Fear is a parasite; I feel it feasting on my loneliness,

like every night / Not quite sure what to do to get it right,

but pseudo-solutions that walk wit’ switches

always seem to come to light

I’m comin’ across more, older women, bolder women,

but at least half of me still feels like givin’ the cold shoulder to ‘em /

the other half is willin’ to try, but his hope barely floats, he expects things

will end in ruins / Well, under influence of something more inebriating,

than bitter fluids

Questin’ for love, but succumbing to lust, gaspin’ for air, but burnin’ up

trust / and when the oxygen’s up, what’s fillin’ my lungs? Self-hatred,

a harlot’s disgust /

Do I still fall to my knees, God, dare I discuss?

Uncertainty tends to prevail, but venting is a must

I’m hurtin’ from this beat, my heart is cursed with callouses,

but it’s like the pain sends sensation to my brain,

like I’m cuttin’ or a closeted masochist

and more often I’m fantasizing about love and its attractiveness,

realizing, but tryin’ to fight off the possibility of never havin’ it…


I’d liked to have it again, like when I had that one friend,

but I haven’t seen it since her and now she’s married to him

but this poem’s not hers, still haven’t fully faced that

but tucked in-between my wants and needs,

is the desire for God to help me break that /

Givin’ attention to mistakes and issues,

like they haven’t taken enough

O, how I hate that /

And I can’t even trace all the sources,

do I meditate for heaven’s sake or self-medicate

in unstable states with girls that’s gorgeous?

Is it bad, that I wrote something similar before this?

Obvious answer, the latter’s an empty pursuit

but part of you knows there’s something different out there,

you’re just searchin’ for proof /

but no matter how many tongues you speak,

flesh don’t ever tell truth,

it’s always deeper than what you see,

besides, a lotta girls is cute /

Is it safer to assume, loneliness is the better route?

So, I convince myself, that I don’t really want it,

turn my head and close my eyes,

whenever others flaunt it,

but my peripheral tends to peek,

eyeing all the secrets they keep, lookin’ for epiphanies

in what I see…as perfect strangers

but they continue to publically/privately love,

eureka is never uttered, melancholy and longing

taint up my blood; my feelings are mostly filtered,

what I spill is never enough…so until the day,

someone finally calls my bluff…again,

I use it all, as inspiration.

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